English Maps Bunting

English Maps Bunting

English Maps Bunting

English Maps Bunting

Bunting made with Maps of England

Paper Hearts

I make this Bunting from damaged-beyond-repair Maps, in my Dorset studio, on the south coast of England.

There are 9 different little flags strung on about 7 feet (210 cm) of eco-friendly soft blue and white cotton bakers twine.

Each flag measures 3" wide by 3 1/2" deep to the points (7.5cm by 9 cm) and each heart is 3" by 3" (7.5cm by 7.5cm). If the flags were placed end- to-end each garland would measure about 2' 3" (69 cm) but the flags slide easily up and down the twine so you can space them out as you like and/or change the order on the twine. There are Maps on the back as well as on the front.

I include 3 extra Hearts, as spares.

The threading holes are reinforced with transparent hole reinforcers. This means that the flags can be moved along the twine without fear of tearing. You can easily change the order of the flags and flip some if you prefer the reverse side. The garland can be taken down/stored and reused with confidence.

This Map Bunting would make a fabulous eco-friendly present for a person who loves all things English, as well as a pretty garland for a wedding, anniversary party or tea party.

Alternatively, it would be a lovely addition to a bookshelf, bedroom wall, spare room or living room!

It is not suitable for use outdoors as it might get damaged if it got wet.

I also make Paper Heart Bunting from Sheet Music, other Maps, Books, eg Alice in Wonderland etc, please see my other Listings.